Swivel Seats for Car Accessibility

Swivel Seats are used for getting in and out of the vehicle by those who struggle with it. They are only available for specific vehicles, so we would need to check the specs of your vehicle for you. We would recommend 3-door cars if you are looking to have a Swivel Seat fitted, purely because the door openings are so much larger than 5-door cars.

The swivel seats are available Manually (operated by a lever at the side of the seat) or Electronically (operated by remote). We also have the option of a Turny Evo which is programmed to move/swivel out of the vehicle at the optimum angles to allow for the most room. This seat actually comes out over the vehicle sill and can lower down – making it a great option for vans and 4×4’s.

Swivel SeatsSwivel Seats Vehicle Adaptation

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