Infrared Controls for Simplified Functionality

InfraRed controls are keypad controls which are attached to the steering wheel. Each button is programmed to operate a function on the vehicle, e.g. indicators, horn, hazards, lights, wipers, washers, etc.

Lodgesons are the most popular manufacturer of secondary controls on the Motability scheme, supplying to over 90% of end users. Their keypad controls are wireless, reliable and comfortable to use. The steering grips feature a soft touch and the devices have a choice of shape – Steering Ball or Lollipop Stick (see above photo).

These will fit to most modern vehicles – just give us a call to see if your vehicle is available.

All systems remove easily and the modified car can be driven as per normal by another driver (regular controls will work as they should).

Infrared Controls Vehicle Adaptation
Infrared Controls Vehicle Adaptation

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